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For the Chance of It GALLERYSMITH MELBOURNE 11 JUNE 2020

In this series I am more closely investigating the overlap between my two streams of works and specifically in terms of identity and chance. I continue to be interested in understanding points of change in my abstractions, within the painting process – to pinpoint exactly when less considered marks come together and change from something of a mess to something more resolved, but allowing chance to control this.

I have always been obsessive about order and the degree to which we are all challenged in our daily lives between it and mess. Both the big picture and small detail of that draws me in.

In my figurative works these themes continue in relation to my life and travels, and my art career. I am painting the moment when a part of my life becomes more understandable, less entangled or messy, and being aware of the role chance played in these moments. A lot of these moments of course happen during travels or outside our daily momentum.

Marita Smith says: “The raw expression in Kolbusz’s work commands your attention and holds it. I love his saturated palette, and the frisson he generates through audacious application. His luscious paintings are both exciting and compelling.”