2019 STM top 100 HOTLIST – Waldemar Kolbusz #2

Resounding with vibrant colour and pulsating with energy, Waldemar Kolbusz’s paintings are instantly identifiable and have established him as a…


The Adelaide REVIEW July 2018

Interview excerpt, Jane Llewellyn ADELAIDE REVIEW Tell me about your practice, what themes/ideas are you exploring in your work? I…



By Phe Luxford 2017 Bonanza! What a positive word to describe a new body of work. The term rings with…

STANDBY 2016 oil on linen 110cm diam


BY KATE BRITTON 2015 Waldemar Kolbusz’s large gestural paintings deliberately defy description; skirting joyfully around the edges of meaning and…


Marguerite Brown MAArtCur

Looking at the work of Waldemar Kolbusz and one can sense that here the act of painting engenders pictorial discovery….


The Tailored Interior

The Tailored Interior by Greg Natale, p206


Colour in Motion

WA artist Waldemar Kolbusz is no slouch when it comes to fashion. His slightly windswept Hamptons style has landed him…


Artistic Vision

Working primarily on canvas and linen, colour dictates every brushstroke in the energetic oil paintings of West Australian artist, Waldemar…



“Doll” oil on canvas 100x100cm – Purchased by camilla and marc designer Camilla Freeman-Topper, photographed in her home.


Out of Control

There is plenty of talk in art circles about how relinquishing control is an important step in an artist’s development….


Perth-based Waldemar Kolbusz creates jewell-hued, nonrepresentational images that are intrinsically satisfying. His purpose is not to create a picture of…

Waldemar Kolbusz AGWA

Waldemar Kolbusz’s highly painterly and expressionistic works are redolent with colour and energy: the force of these two elements combined…


Waldemar Kolbusz: Recent Paintings Axia Modern Art, MELBOURNE

There’s a lovely fragility of line and texture that permeates Waldemar Kolbusz’s otherwise bold, abstract expressionist paintings (below left). The…



Waldemar Kolbusz is known for his dynamic expressionistic art – little wonder then that he should take the same liberal…


Waldemar Kolbusz

“My works are purely expressionistic (non representational at all) and the paintings almost always themselves dictate composition and palette when…


Brush with Frame

What started as an indulgent way to shift his left-brain analytical mind into right-brain intuition has turned former accountant Waldemar…

Waldemar Kolbusz Extends a Great Painterly Tradition

Here in the U.S., our stereotypical notion of Australian modern art is a kind if rough-hewn, primitivistic figuration, often dealing…


On Show

It’s not often an artist emerges from an accounting firm, swapping ballpoints for brushes, to take up art full-time. But…


Waldemar Kolbusz

Up and coming accountant turned artist Waldemar Kolbusz will debut his latest works in Singapore at Indigo Arts in Marina…


Feature Pages

A series of feature pages from Interiors Magazine highlighting Kolbusz’s artwork.


Open for Interpretation – Waldemar Kolbusz’s Abstract Art

If someone asked me a month ago if I understand abstract art, I would have laughed in his face. As…



POETIC, SENSITIVE, HYPNOTIC AND INTENSE. These were the adjectives used by Australian media to describe Waldemar Kolbusz’s works. Born to…


Art Aficionado

Perth-based artist Waldemar Kolbusz has become one of the hottest names on the lips of art luminaries around the country….


Saturation Points

Fuelled by a long time fascination with painting and colour, Waldemar Kolbusz swapped his ballpoints for paintbrushes – a brilliant…


Art Switch

Look at the rich and colourful abstract art of West Australian artist Waldemar Kolbusz and know that dream jobs are…


Kolbusz > A Bold Abstraction

Entering the home studio of artist Waldemar Kolbusz is an experience in colour. Inside this seemingly sedate residence lies a…


Accounting for an Abstract Artist

It looks like Waldemar Kolbusz, 31, will be one of our famous painters. It’s not just his talent. He’s thought…


In Living Colour / Instinctive

“Six design aficionados weave a spectrum of moods with a kaleidoscope of hues, from subtle to saturated, luminous to metallic.”…

Waldemar Kolbusz

Waldemar Kolbusz’s Freeway series is informed by a complete re-evaluation of his painting and identity. Representational and figurative works have…

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