Paintings Waldemar Kolbusz


Kolbusz is a contemporary Perth artist who has been painting full-time and exhibiting regularly for over two decades both nationally and internationally, and is the founder and director of Kolbusz Space.

Kolbusz paints in two streams which interrelate. His figurative works test the differences between an idealised human experience and actual experience – the increasingly blurred overlap between the two in our contemporary lives.

Do we only experience how we think we’re supposed to experience? Am I sold feelings, later imagined to be my own?

His expressionistic works explore this same fine edge: they allude to a kind of perfection, but then to something else.

Kolbusz’ paintings have been commissioned for major projects and are in numerous collections nationally and internationally.

“Kolbusz – who is exhibited and collected nationally and internationally – creates deeply expressionistic work which penetrates sense of place, time and space to evoke a feeling and provoke in his audience an involved and sincere response. It is this inimitable clarity and pureness of expression that sets apart his decidedly sophisticated work.”

Fiona Kalaf

“Geometry and gesture converge dynamically in the canvases of Waldemar Kolbusz to achieve a vigorous synthesis at once sensual and architectural. Kolbusz has been able to forge a visual vocabulary altogether his own – built upon both an intellectual comprehension of the painterly tradition to which he belongs and an intuitive ability to trust the spontaneous impulses of his own sensibility.”

Byron Coleman

“His aesthetic is bold and unabashed with a brash confidence… and always, his use and understanding of colour is paramount. Kolbusz’s canvases stop people in their tracks and remaining ignorant of his work is hard.”

Leigh-Ann Pow

“…one of Australia’s most exciting art talents.”

Megan Morton

“With a practice that alternates between abstract and figurative painting, Kolbusz’ works come naturally charged with a high energy. His large and richly painted canvases pulsate and move, creating ongoing dialogues. Whilst a significant shift in thinking is required to move between the different genres, his cerebral approach informs and nourishes the work; allowing freedom in the figurative and giving shape to the abstract.”

Marita Smith

“Waldemar Kolbusz has undergone a revolution from within. His work stands as a testament to this rebirth of artistic desire through deeply pondered conversations with free-associational constructivism, reflexive figuration and post-painterly abstraction.
…offer the viewer a visionary experience realised through sublimely atmospheric paintings of worldly and poetic sensibility and sensitivity.”

Jove Winters

“There’s a lovely fragility of line and texture that permeates Waldemar Kolbusz’s otherwise bold, abstract expressionist paintings. The Perth-born artist eschews crooked slabs of saturated colour with brittle etches and scratches, sponged texture and bleeding streams of excess paint. Indeed, Kolbusz’s abstract paintings may be void of figuration but they’re unyieldingly redolent.”

Dan Rule
THE AGE, Melbourne

“Lyrical and lofty, Kolbusz’s paintings pulsate and breathe, awakening the senses to their hypnotic post-painterly aesthetic.”

Courtney Kidd