Waldemar Kolbusz | AGWA

by Fiona Kalaf, CHAIR Art Gallery of Western Australia

Waldemar Kolbusz’s highly painterly and expressionistic works are redolent with colour and energy: the force of these two elements combined – the hallmark of Kolbusz’s oeuvre – are palpable in his recent works.

It is the tension and, ultimately, the balance between the sheer physicality and the colour palette and the emotive expression of the energy within Kolbusz’s work which render his art so engaging, evocative and elusive: the viewer is gently and skillfully carried across the surface of the works through the rhythm of the palette, texture and painterly devices, such as the delicate, but deliberate etchings, coming to rest on the horizon line or intangibly familiar but abstracted shapes and forms. Yet, the apparent velocity and energy of his work belies the considered creative process of gestation and maturation.

Indeed, what makes Kolbusz’s art so very engaging is that the artist enables the viewer to access the painterly journey: each layer and each action reveals itself such that the process of making the work becomes transparent. This transparency – both literal and metaphorical – evolves through each of the translucent layers as they fuse to create richness and depth.

In the end, Kolbusz – who is exhibited and collected nationally and internationally – creates deeply expressionistic work which penetrates sense of place, time and space to evoke a feeling and provoke in his audience an involved and sincere response. It is this inimitable clarity and pureness of expression that sets apart his decidedly sophisticated body of work.”