Waldemar Kolbusz: Recent Paintings Axia Modern Art, MELBOURNE

by Dan Rule, A2 MAGAZINE - The Age, Melbourne
Sept 26 2009, p.2

There’s a lovely fragility of line and texture that permeates Waldemar Kolbusz’s otherwise bold, abstract expressionist paintings (below left). The Perth-born artist eschews crooked slabs of saturated colour with brittle etches and scratches, sponged texture and bleeding streams of excess paint.

Interestingly, while the former accountant’s work favours vivid reds, pinks and blues, some of the stronger paintings in this series feature a kind of muted and organic palette that channels the likes of Mark Rothko and echoes with notions of landscape, soil and earth.

Indeed, Kolbusz’s paintings may be void of figuration but they’re unyieldingly redolent.